General Election 2024

Dorking and Horley

Your Tactical Vote is

Lib Dem

Chris Coghlan

Data last calculated 30th June 2024
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Tactical Advice Explainer

(MP for Dorking and Horley)

Data last calculated 30th June 2024

The tactical vote is Lib Dems

Polls favour Lib Dems here

Tories won here in 2019

Lib Dems came 2nd

Likely a Lib Dems target seat

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Calculated Local Polling

Average of recent polls: Poll 1 | Poll 2 | Poll 3 | Poll 4 | Poll 5 | Poll 6

0 10 20 30 40 50 Lib Dem Tory Labour Reform Green

2019 Result

Calculated by BBC & Sky using new 2024 boundaries

0 5000 10k 15k 20k 25k 30k Tory Lib Dem Labour Green Other Didn't Vote


13 million people could vote tactically in July's general election.

That's roughly a third of voters showing up just to get the Tories out.

Register as a tactical voter by joining the Movement Forward and we can prove it.

Then together we'll tell the new government how they can earn our votes next time.