The May 2nd elections are over

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Join Up & be ready for the general election

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Yes, we're lending our votes this time just to get the Tories out, but they'll have to be earned next time.

level up your voting power, this election and beyond!

Photo of Aid Tompsin
Aid Tompsin
Photo of Asif Kapadia
Asif Kapadia
Photo of Carol Vorderman
Carol Vorderman
Photo of Danny Price
Danny Price
Photo of Dominic Minghella
Dominic Minghella
Photo of Emma Kennedy
Emma Kennedy
Photo of Femi Oluwole
Femi Oluwole
Photo of Graham Hughes
Graham Hughes
Photo of India Willoughby
India Willoughby
Photo of Jemma Forte
Jemma Forte
Photo of Joe Hardy
Joe Hardy
Photo of Jon Morter
Jon Morter
Photo of Liz Webster
Liz Webster
Photo of Larry & Paul
Larry & Paul
Photo of Lucy Pinder
Lucy Pinder
Photo of Patsy Stevenson
Patsy Stevenson
Photo of Peter Stefanovic
Peter Stefanovic
Photo of Marina Purkiss
Marina Purkiss
Photo of Mick Hucknall
Mick Hucknall
Photo of Reece Dinsdale
Reece Dinsdale
Photo of Sean Adams
Sean Adams
Photo of Supertanskiii
Photo of The Anchoress
The Anchoress
Photo of Josh Russell
Josh Russell
we will stick together

to influence the next government

As tactical voters we have the power to influence the next government's priorities, instead of the media who have been spinning our national narrative until now.