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Together, we'll work to make sure the next government hear our priorities

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We're a politically mixed collective working together for a better politics

Casting a vote that counts

Vote Tactically


Look up your postcode and let our data inform you which candidate is most likely to beat your local Tory.

Tactical votes count

Power in Westminster and attention in the press is based on the number of MPs a party gets. How often have you seen Green politicians on question time in the last 5 years?

Parties listen to the voters who elect them

Between elections MPs influence their party to keep hold of the voters they need. To really be part of that calculation you need to vote for a party that comes 1st or 2nd in your seat.

Make sure they hear us

Join up & tell us your top priority

Please sign up above or click your top policy issue on the advice page to join the Movement Forward. Register yourself as part of this tactical voting block.

We'll let our new MPs know what we want

For the next 5 years. We'll work collectively to engage our MPs and persuade the next Government that our issues and votes matter.

Upgrading our democracy

None of this would be needed if we had a voting system where power in Parliament matched votes cast. We'll lobby to end the unstable chaos of our current system and make all votes equal wherever you live.